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Monday, March 27, 2017

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High-Space Kickstarter Update: New BONUS Stretch Goal

High-Space Kickstarter Update: New BONUS Stretch Goal

$12,500 Stretch Goal Delivers Tytaborg Quickstart Players Pack

Author: Joe at StoryWeaver (Super)/Tuesday, February 2, 2016/Categories: What's New

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We've just announced a new BONUS STRETCH GOAL for the High-Space Kickstarter. At $12,500 funding, we will produce an expanded xeroform entry for the Tyaborg, and a Quickstart Players Pack!




A heavily augmented reptilian species, The Tyaborg are one of the founding races of the PanDo, having joined the collective some 2000 years earlier.  The species intellect and technical prowess are second only to their high agility and mobility. Physically, the Tyaborg are raptor-like bipedal beings that are almost always embellished extensively with Cyberware. 


Despite their strong relationship with - and defence of - the PanDo, the Tyroborg maintain an internal empire of their own, stretching across more than 100 worlds and countless orbitals.  Legally, this empire has no authority within the Pando. Spiritually, it is a different story. The Tyaborg revere their Empress and Royal family as quasi-divine beings. 

The Tyaborg Society is divided among five MetaClans, each with their own hierarchies, rivalries, and political intrigues:

  • Niajs AgriClan: exploration, terraforming  and agriculture;  
  • Airilites HatcherClan: reproduction, incubation, hatcheries and enhancement of Tyroborg 
  • Una DiplomClan: intellectual pursuits and political representation within both the Tyroborg Imperial Court and the PanDo; 
  • Maisjal ArtifiClan: science, artistry, engineering and construction.Jal 
  • MilitaraClan: defence of the Tyroborg Empire and the PanDo.


It is very common for individual Tyaborg to transition between clans throughout their extended lifespans. Some may start as Niajs AgriClan patrons, and find themselves drawn towards the Jal MilitaraClan later in life. During these transitions, the Tyroborg will undergo significant surgeries to replace redundant Cyberware with new technologies that are more appropriate for their new life choice.


Jal MilitaraClan are warriors of renown throughout the PanDo. Not only are they uniquely engineered to fulfil a wide variety of tactical missions, but they also possess a unique love of the hunt - a hangover from their more bestial biological heritage. 


In fact, the Tyaborg have a small continent set aside on their homeworlds for the exclusive use of Jal MilitaraClan. This continent, known as Huas Kias Masla Yehn (The Place of Shedding Skin), is filled with wild and exotic creatures from around the galaxy. In order for it Tyaborg to be admitted into the Jal MilitaraClan, they must first survive alone on the continent for a full lunar cycle (41 Terran days), using only their training, skills and chosen Cyberware enhancements. 


Background Edge: Tyaborg 

  • Infravision: able to see trace heat signatures even in the absence of light. Reduce the negative impact of all darkness modifiers by 1
  • +1 toughness
  • Agility: d6
  • Take either Loyalty (to the Empire) or Outcast (from fellow Tyaborg ). Sorry, there is no middle ground! Counts as a minor hindrance.


Jal MilitaraClan Cyberware OptionMagnetic Claws: Enhances the Tyaborg 's already impressive agility. The Tyaborg is equipped with retractable magnetic claws that enable it to climb over any metallic, or rough nonmetallic, surface at full pace. That is, the Tyaborg can transverse vertical services at the same rate they could move across the ground! However, doing so requires the use of all four limbs.  The movement pace is halved if the Tyaborg carries any object in one of its hands. Also, the claws can be used as a brutal melee weapon: D4 +1 damage 





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