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Monday, March 27, 2017

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Rapture: The End of Days, Sci-fi Soundscapes

Rapture: The End of Days, Sci-fi Soundscapes

Set 2 - Save Our Souls! (audio product)

Author: Joe at StoryWeaver (Super)/Monday, January 4, 2016/Categories: Rapture

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So to give your ears a tantalising sample of the audio clues and soundscapes included with StoryWeaver's products, we've taken a selection from our first transmedia adventure, Near Death Experience 01: Destiny's Children, for you to sample, TOTALLY FREE!

That's right; you get to hear and use is:

1. English SOS - the garbled, tense, and downright troubling SOS message sent out from the secret Happy Cat research facility that is the basis for NDE1 - Destiny's Children.

2. Chinese SOS - being a Sino Block Corporation, Happy Cat Industries is definately bilingual, so we've also included the Chinese version of the above SOS.

3. Tapping On The Pipes - a sound effect of a desperate survivor tapping out an SOS in Morse Code on a distant pipe. Usable in many a desperate situation in your own games!

4. Sick to My Stomach - something's unwell, out there in the dark... the sounds of it's retching echoes through the nearby landscape. Then, your heroes discover something horrific - internal organs piled on the ground... the pile is steaming, and slimy, in a puddle of blood and gastric fluids, but there is no sign of the creature they came from, and no hint as to why there were deposited here. Then the retching sounds start again, from different directions... What is it? Where is it? And what does it want?

Sick to my stomach is a previously unreleased bio-industrial soundscape, only available in this package. These four, high quality audio files could easily be used in your own games of Rapture: The End of Days, or any other sci-fi game you might be planning.

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