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Thursday, March 23, 2017

The RPG of unwitting spies tempted by easy money

Deniable is a storygame that takes inspiration from those wickedly satirical British spy dramas, such as Spy, Spooks... or those gritty police series such as Luther and Murphie's law. This is an RPG unlike any you've played before: be prepared to laugh, cry and cause mayhem to your hapless heroes.

What is Deniable?

Deniable is a deeply personal, funny, at times darkly satirical "story game" designed for small gaming groups.  It tips it’s hat to those wonderfully wicked British TV espionage series such as Spy and Spooks. Each game of Deniable involves everyone collaborating to create episodes of satirical, darkly humorous (or just grim) British-style TV shows. 


The game works best with two to four players, including a Game Master (who we refer to as The Director). It is about decidedly average English people coerced into participating in ‘operations of national importance’ by a shadowy espionage Organisation . The object of the game is to tell interesting stories about people put in a situation for which they are not at all prepared. And then watch them descend in chaos, often with hilarious results.



Of prime importance in Deniable is the concept of playing to find out what happens. The Director does not plan ahead: each story unfolds in the moment. 


If you are looking for a game that revels in the lives of little people caught up in big events, of small drama made into epics, then this is the game for you. We guarantee you'll be laughing until you cry in no time at all.

Shows Like Us

If you love these shows, then you'll love Deniable...

  • Spy
  • Scott & Baily
  • Outnumbered
  • Wire in the Blood
  • Spooks
  • Allo Allo
  • The Avengers
  • A Fish Called Wanda
  • Man From Uncle
  • Get Smart
  • Stripes
  • The Americans
  • Homeland
  • Nikita
  • La Femme Nikita
  • Bourne Identity
  • Austin Powers
  • Dangerman
  • The Prisoner

Deniable Product Portfolio

Deniable - PDF

Deniable - PDF

Deniable is a darkly satirical 'story game' designed for small gaming groups. It tips its hat to those wonderfully wicked British TV espionage series such as Spy and Spooks.

It is about decidedly average English people coerced into participating in 'operations of national importance' by a shadowy espionage organisation.
January 6, 2016 Comments
Deniable Treatment - Loose Lips

Deniable Treatment - Loose Lips

January 6, 2016 Comments
Deniable Treatment - InSecurity

Deniable Treatment - InSecurity

January 6, 2016 Comments
Deniable Treatment - The Agents from A.U.N.T.I.

Deniable Treatment - The Agents from A.U.N.T.I.

When A.U.N.T.I. -  the Autonomous United Nations Tactical Intelligence force - was established after WW2 it’s mission was to  track down and eliminate any potential resurgence the Nazi threat.  Each nation lent their best and brightest spies to the task.   That was two decades ago. Now, with the cold war  in full swing, the Nazi menace all...
January 6, 2016 Comments
Deniable Treatment - StarCowboys in Space

Deniable Treatment - StarCowboys in Space

January 6, 2016 Comments
Deniable Treatment - Doubtful Truths

Deniable Treatment - Doubtful Truths

January 6, 2016 Comments

Example of Play

After the kidnapping, Josh finds himself naked, tied to a chair in an abandoned warehouse. He’s alone. Even after calling out for ten minutes, nobody responds. “What the bloody hell is going on?” he wonders. Mind you, tied up like this will mean he can’t get the pickup point, as he was instructed that morning.

Josh’ player declares, “I’ll attempt to break my bonds and escape!”
The Director counters by saying, “Nope, you are well tied to the chair and there is no way your’ll get loose. You’re not some sort of muscle bound comando, after all!”
Josh’s player responds, “Well, can I stay in the chair, but still move… sort of shuffle along?”

The Director thinks this is a good look, and so tells the player to make a roll using Deft. A roll of two d6 results in a total of 8, which is a result of “Can’t Complain.”  However, the player decides to upgrade that result to “Bloody Brilliant” by spending a point of Cred. This means the action will go completely Josh’s way.

For the narrative, the player says, “So we cut the scene to  me - Josh -  still naked and tied to the chair, sort of bent over and scurrying down a road. I see headlights coming down the road towards and jumps up and down and shout, ‘Stop! Hey stop!.’  The car pulls up the driver gets out. He’s a family man. Looking very puzzled and concerned. His wife gasps in shock and leans to the back of the car and covers  her daughters now very wide eyes. 

“Ehhemm… ah… I’m in a wee spot of bother my good man. The, um, football team, yes, football team, left me like this as a joke. It’s my, um, birthday, see? Say. I don’t suppose you could untie me and drop me off home, could you?”


If you love these games (and we do!) then you'll love Deniable!

  • Apocalypse Word (D. Vincent Baker)
  • Prime Time Adventures (Matt Wilson)
  • Fiasco (Jason Morningstar)
  • Rapture (Joe Sweeney)

PS. We'd also like to acknowledge that we have allegedly nicked all sorts of stuff from these games. Of course this is completely deniable. Sincere thanks to all these authors for their wonderful games -- go and buy them!

Example of Play

Jeanette has suffered a broken arm after falling off the back of a motorbike. She is on level 3 stress and has a “fractured arm.” Earlier in the game, Jeanette had revealed her goal for the episode was to find herself and Rajia a new place to stay, because their current public housing flat is a real dive full of vermin.  She sets her next Slice of Life scene in a hospital ward and narrates that she has been healed. The player says:

“So there I am, just waiting outside the grungy old hospital building, in the cold evening, with the rest of the smokers.  Rajia [my flatmate and best friend] pulls up in her ol’ clapped out mini.”  

Rajia (played by the Director) says: “Hey dummy!  Get in, I’ll take ya home and make ya’ a cuppa tea.  An’ I’m signin yer’ cast!”

Jeanette: “Sorry to dissapoint ya luv, no cast.” I wiggle my fingers at her from the sling my arm is in. “Looks like just have to rest it up a bit. Doc says the bone should heal ok, as long as I don’t play no tennis. But I’ll take you up on that cuppa.  Oh, did a package arrive for me?” (Hoping for payment for the recent job so she can put a rental deposit on a new apartment.)

Rajia : “Yeah. The one with the clock in it? Yeah. It put in your room.”

Jeanette: I give her my friendly-frowny-face. “Clock?  Did you open my mail again?” 

Rajia “Nah, silly.  It was ticking…”


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