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Thursday, March 23, 2017

High-Space: The Epic Space Opera for Savage Worlds

Fun, Fast & Furious... IN THE FAR FUTURE! High-Space is the best-selling far future science fiction setting for Savage Worlds.

About High-Space

The THREE core rule books for High Space, the ultimate Space Opera for Savage Worlds, are here at last!

Book 1: Character Analects, lets you create fantastical science fiction heroes and equip them with the latest gadgetry and transonic vehicles. 

Book 2: Fleet Manual, shows you how to build wondrous starships using our unique, quick-and-easy, “character-based” construction system... and then pit them against each other for epic battles across the vast reaches of the cosmos, or play one as your character!

Book 3: The Lantern, thrusts your players into an epic space opera. A rich world setting and story-line that will have the players uncover remarkable secrets. 

High Space, from famed author Patrick Taylor (Hael Core Rules, Blind Threat and more), provides you with everything you need to play epic science fiction, from new rules for Savage Worlds to a galaxy-spanning setting.

High-Space: Fun, Fast & Furious... in the Far Future

“Scout ship Xenobius, you have entered Restricted Space. This is the Tor warship five-thousand kilometres off to your aft quarter. Stand down and prepare to be boarded…”


“The final ruleset is here! If you are looking for a game that delivers epic, galaxy-spanning space opera, with rules that keep the action coming at light-speed, then look no further. High Space blends the very best sci-fi tropes with Savage Worlds, giving you freedom to play humans, robots, aliens… even starships!  And the transonic vehicle and space battle rules are simply brilliant.”

High-Space Portfolio



Fast, Furious Fun… in the Far Future!

Author: Joe at StoryWeaver (Super)/Tuesday, January 5, 2016/Categories: High-Space

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The premier High-Space Battlemap Kit is here!  This set features run-abouts and shuttles for use in your games. It includes:

Detailed schematics and battlemaps for an independent scout ship, called the Firelight. This ship is the perfect all-round vessel for a party of seasoned adventurers. Equipped with modest cargo space, a landing bay, medical facilities, weapons, defensive systems and a positronic AI core, this baby may not be the latest model… but it is reliable and just oozes experience.

Detailed character sheet for the Firelight.

Detailed schematics and battlemaps for a Dominus Class smuggling vessel.

Battlemap for a Cirrus two-seater shuttle.

Battlemap for a Trigger fighter.

Battlemap for a Banchie fighter.


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