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Thursday, March 23, 2017

About Us... Who are we, and who on Earth let us out?

Our Story

G'day!  StoryWeaver creates off-the-wall role-playing games and modules for popular titles such as Savage Worlds and Rapture: The End of Days. All of our game designers and writers have been gamers for too many years now, as our long-suffering families will tell you. This means we know what makes a great game – action and adventure are not enough. You need plot quirks, and funky characters with lashings of emotional intrigue. And that’s what we deliver.

We are committed to gaming excellence.  

And we are committed to the gaming community. 

We want you to have as much fun playing games as we do.  So come on in and check out our titles and join in the fun.

Best regards,

Joseph Sweeney Grandmaster 

Who are we? What are we? Why are we standing behind you?!

StoryWeaver is an Australian-based Games Company composed of a small menagerie of writers and artist who have been avid gamers since the days of mixed tapes and acid wash jeans. 
 Under the guidance of our skipper, Doc Joe, we have produced popular off-the-wall role playing games that also include multimedia elements which have been lovingly crafted by our TimTam scarfing, dice-collecting, soda-downing team of endearingly quirky writers.  Our most popular popular titles include Rapture: The End of Days (hard sci-fi meets horror) and High Space for Savage Worlds.


One of big things over here at StoryWeaver is our commitment to gaming excellence. This means we play test. A LOT. Ok, it's our excuse to RUN the games WE WANT TO PLAY.  But the result is the same. All our games are born from countless hours of play, at the expense of endangering the Australia's Tim Tam supply, to make sure that we give you a great, fun-filled adventure every time.  It's always GAME ON, here at StoryWeaver. Be one of our brothers and sisters in arms.

Patrick Taylor

Patrick Taylor

Patrick Taylor

Author & Supreme Commander U.G.P Armada

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Perhaps because I had grown up in the some exotic locales without television until I was a late teenager (gasp!) role-playing was a natural choice and what I'd been doing in my imagination all my life. 
The first thing that I ever wrote on a computer was a classic D&D adventure that still makes me laugh when I think about it. Thirty years on and I'm still doing it, only the tools I use have improved (I also like to think my writings have also improved over time!) 
Since then I have invented home grown role-playing systems and tools,  and crafted settings and adventures, some of which I sold through another publisher. Joining Storyweaver was, for me, about finding like minds who shared the same passion for making games that people love to play, and bringing those games to life with the quality of production that they deserved.

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