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Monday, March 27, 2017

The High Space Sphere

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Sunday, April 24, 2016

The Doctrine of Least Resistance

The Guiding Principles for the Pan Dominion's Militant Arms

The Doctrine of Least Resistance

The Doctrine of Least Resistance provides guiding principles for representatives involved with interspecies contact, in particular with newly discovered civilisations that would benefit from Inclusion. All Forces and Agencies of the U.G.P military complex rely upon the Doctrine to guide their actions.

The Doctrine of Least Resistance strives to bring the many benefits of the Pan Dominion to all species: to raise species to their full potential and bring peace and prosperity to all sentient beings. At all times, care should be taken to avoid physical harm to Pan Dominion representatives, and the species encountered.  More specifically, the Doctrine of Least Resistencia provides a strategic framework for resolving conflict between the Pan Dominion and Belligerent Forces, as follows:

Uplift: If a technologically immature species is encountered, consider their potential for being uplifted into the Pan Dominion. If there is reticence, consider persuasive strategies, including, but not limited to: Technomancy, Meme Dominance, The Godhead Play, The Kingmaker, The Warlord Ascension,  and Genome Pacification.

Diplomacy:  Where uplifting is not possible, due to the technological maturity, Diplomacy is the preferred option. Before diplomatic efforts begin, information should be gathered to understand the socio-cognitive schemas, and to improve the Pan Dominion’s diplomatic positions.

Intervention: As required to support diplomatic overtures, Intervention can be applied. This includes, but is not limited to the following strategies:  Cultural Subversion, Techno-Bribery, Manufactured Crisis, Political Destabilisation, Economic Duress, Sabotage, Subtle Show of Force, Non-intrusive intervention is preferred over the intrusive.

Threat Reduction: When efforts for intervention fail and there is a potential for physical conflict, all efforts should be made to identify and exploit weaknesses within a Threat’s defences, to remove its ability to inflict harm and bring it back to Diplomacy. Strategies include: Techno-Disablement, Asset Capture, Biological Impairment, Isolation, Sci-leverage, and Psi-Leverage.

Overt Show of Force: If the threat a species poses cannot be eliminated or mitigated, an overt show of force directed near or at the threat may be used.  Strategies include: Zero Kill Zone Demolition, Shock and Awe, Threat Lead Elimination, Personal Sanction and Warfront Action.

Joe at StoryWeaver (Super)

Joe at StoryWeaver (Super)

4 comments on article "The Doctrine of Least Resistance"


Joe at StoryWeaver (Super)

4/24/2016 9:22 PM

The Pan Dominion seeks to expand it's many benefits in a nonaggressive but assertive manner. This is my (Joe's) first cut the foundational doctrine that will space many adventures, I am sure. Feedback welcome!


Gon (Commander of the Old Reach)

4/24/2016 11:35 PM

Great!!! The doctrine's framework is composed by five strategies. Each one of them has several strategies too... Will they be detailed in the book or it will be up to each GM?


Joe at StoryWeaver (Super)

5/8/2016 4:22 AM

HI Gon.. detail sub-strategies will be left open to interpretation... but I can already see a few adventures / scenarios where we'll be teasing these out.


Philip Larkin

6/17/2016 8:00 AM

Is this to be displayed in the book as a page from an in-universe manual?

If it's just another part of the rulebook, I can see a lot of people getting fustrated with all the vague unexplained the given

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