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Monday, March 27, 2017

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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

(New ideas) Ship Build Edge: Internal Weapons - Manipulators - Robotic bodies

Looking for some feedback.... and not the electro/mechanical kind!

(New ideas) Ship Build Edge: Internal Weapons - Manipulators - Robotic bodies

I am getting into the rules for creating and playing a starship as a PC.

This involves considering what a starship can do (about) the circumstances that are occurring inside of it. Without the ability to manipulate objects a player of a starship is limited to turning system on/off, opening/closing door and airlocks (!) and just plain talking.

A couple of Edges that come to mind that would add flavor and interest to playing a starship include:

Internal Manipulators: Whether they are mechadendrites, cyber-limbs, or invisible effect-fields, these allow fine manipulation of internal objects, and are a basic melee weapon.

Internal Weapons: These are wall and ceiling mounted shooters, for intraship defence.

Remote: A wireless controlled robotic body with very basic characteristics.

NB: In recent playtests I also created a starship character with the old 'Remote', and then also let them buy Synthetic (or the remote looked and behaved like a Human). This was interesting for the player, as they were allowed to roam around. I made a rule that a Positronic Core had to be unique, and that the personality within it was either stored in the starship, or downloaded to the Remote, but not both at once (or it led to schizophrenia!)


Then again, maybe I am doing this all wrong, and the fun in playing a starship is that it is a starship, and different to anything else?






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3 comments on article "(New ideas) Ship Build Edge: Internal Weapons - Manipulators - Robotic bodies"


Paul Duffy

5/20/2016 3:20 AM

With FTL comms is there any reason the ship PC couldn't "remote pilot" a drone to be on the ground with the other PCs?

If they are in a situation where both ship and remote need to act (a simultaneous ground and space ambush maybe) then they either choose which acts or accept a multi action penalty (with maybe an additional penalty to the remote?



5/23/2016 7:23 PM

Hey Paul,

I like your concept for using a remote, and there's nothing to say it can't work, so I will work this into the Starship Edges...


Philip Larkin

6/17/2016 7:48 AM

In terms of science, there is no reason why a computer program couldn't clone itself into another hardware system and later re-integrate without fear of schizophrenia.

I would be very cautious that the body you give the ship player can never outshine the other PCs. Perhaps having it loose the WC edge is a good start.

A ship wouldn't generally need internal manipulators. What would the user give it this for? To brush their hair for them? It can press all the buttons already.

Internal security systems such as weapons would be reasonable.

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