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The Paradigm Shards

High-Space Campaign Book 1

Something happened in the Lantern Nebula. Something so terrible that the godlike Starfish have quarantined the entire section of space. Why? They won’t say. But one thing is for certain, the PanDo wants to figure out what’s going on… and find a way back into rescue it’s billions of citizens.

In The Paradigm Shards, your unlikely heroes explore the uncharted and uncontrolled territories of the Fringeworlds to solve a multi-million-year-old mystery… one that will shed new light upon the fate of the Lantern Nebula.

As your heroes push forward into the wild Fringeworlds, they will discover strange new civilisations, bizarre species and unimaginable dangers. They’ll make new friends and deadly enemies.

While sinister agents work against the heroes at every turn, they must piece together disparate clues that will bring all five ancient Paradigm Shards together...

… and make a discovery that will shake the PanDominion to its core.

The Paradigm Shards is a High-Space plot point campaign book. It provides a series of interconnected adventure seeds and supporting materials to spark a Game Master’s imagination. The adventures are not fully detailed, but provide enough information to get your High-Space games in motion.

The Paradigm Shards presents a story arc that will take Novice characters through to Veteran.

More importantly, it will solve one of the great mysteries of the PanDominion…

What happened to the Lantern Nebula?