Wildcards protecting the future...

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The follow up to the HUGELY POPULAR High-Space first edition!In this thrilling new RPG, YOU play the renegade and reluctant hero fighting unimaginable threats to an ultra-high tech utopian world...just for kicks. 

Imagine living in a super-advanced, ultra high-tech civilization...a utopia of boundless harmony, abundance, and encompassing hundreds of species and worlds. 

Sounds like a perfect life. 

But why are you so bored?

Because you’re not like everyone else. 

You crave visceral, dangerous, and exciting new adventures. You’re one of the few outcasts...misfits known as the Wildcards. 

Welcome to High-Space... the highly anticipated sequel of the popular High-Space sci-fi setting for Savage World. Get ready to... 
  •  Go on ultra secretive missions that technically don’t exist 
  • Explore strange new worlds...and bring them to compliance 
  • Go on heart-stopping adventures at the edge of the galaxy 
  • Fight bizarre alien threats in never before discovered corners of the galaxy 
  • Play any alien species you choose, even as a starship 
  • Play with psionic and cybernetic-enhanced characters 
  • Engage in all-new cinematic starships battles like you’ve never done before 
  • Immerse yourself in an epic story arc that will seal the fate of trillions 

What do you get? 

 What you get in this newly expanded High-Space: Wildcards Protecting the Future RPG game… 
  • Breathtaking and expanded setting from the Lantern Nebula to three arms of the galaxy 
  • Over a dozen exciting new playable alien species - and the ability to create thousands more! 
  • Newly updated core rulebook 
  • All-new cinematic starship battles 
  • Over 240 pages of heart-stopping sci fi action  
  • Detailed starship design - including all-new alien tech and combat systems 
  • New range of exotic characters 
  • Super high-tech new gears and gadgets 
  • Newly overhauled popular starship design rules 
  • Plenty of new source materials to help you create exciting adventures 
  • All the information and tools you need to run a galaxy-spanning campaign 
  • Detailed rules on character creation based on Savage World but unique to High-Space 
  • Templates to easily create any unique characters 
  • Visceral, dangerous and exciting new adventures 
Get all these exciting new features and more for just $49.90. PLUS order now and get the PDF file for FREE.

But this offer is for a limited time only! 

What is High-Space?

High-Space is a galaxy-spanning, high-tech space opera involving playable alien races and revolutionary spaceship design and combat. 

This new High-Space game revolves around a handful of genetic wildcards...the castaways that are tasked with doing the dirty jobs in a gene-engineered, Utopian future surrounded on all sides by alien threats. 

 As the Wildcard, you are the main actor in this cinematic galactic battle. 

You can be a reluctant super-tech hero. Or even a villain. 

 You want to explore. You want to fight. You crave adventure. 
 You and your fellow Wildcards will seek out dangerous battles and be the masters of your own fate...and the fate of trillions. 

 In this 245 page of core rules book, you will discover the major threats to PanDominion- the future Utopia - both internal and alien. 

You will find new specific skills, edges and hindrances, high tech gear and full starship design and combat systems. 

The best part? It meshes seamlessly with the Savage World core rules. 

 So what are you waiting for? Strap on your jet boots, grab your favourite las-gun and take on the dirtiest jobs in the galaxy - just for kicks. Who knows, you may even save the PanDominion while you’re at it!

High-Space Expansions & Adventures

High-Space - Wildcards Protecting the Future
  • Pre-Order Hardcover Edition
  • with all the extras!
Pre-Order Hardcover Edition

Pre-order High-Space 2.0 Hardcover book now (ships late September 2017). Over 240 pages of rich setting, edges, powers, starships, gear and fast, furious fun... in the far future!

BONUS: Get the tablet-ready PDF of the core setting for free!

High-Space Core Setting Book
with all the extras!
Teraborg: Everything needed to play a Teraborg warrior, tech, or diploment

Teraborg: The Book of Honor

Want to play a cybernetically-enhanced raptor from space? Delve into the culture of the Galaxy's ultimate hunter-techs and learn the secrets of the Imperial Nest.  

Everything you need to bring the Teraborg to life in your games.

Note: PDF only


Control Deck

Keep your games running at light-speed with the High-Space Control Deck. All the essential rules for starships, space combat and essential setting rules on 45 quick-reference cards.

Control Deck

High-Space Version 1.0

The original High-Space core rules: Character Analects, Fleet Manual, The Lantern

High-Space 1.0 Core

Discover why High-Space spent 13 weeks as an RPGNow best seller! 

An epic space opera setting with rich cultures and worlds. 

  • Character creation
  • Starship design
  • Sci-fi vehicles and gear
  • Space combat

The PDF bundle that rocked the Savage Worlds word.

High-Space Printable Battlemaps & VTT tiles

Firelight Scout Ship

"Captain on deck!"

Beautify designed and mapped, this battlemap kit is great value for any sci-fi game.  You get 45 pages of 8x8” maps for your minis, covering a 380ft long scout ship, a 75ft long smuggling vessel, and three shuttles and fighters, plus supplemental maps and interactive starship character sheets.  50+ pages of sci-fi goodness for under $10. Amazing!

"Red Alert!!! HULL BREECHED! All crew, arm yourselves…  prepare to repel boarders!"

Printable PDF and image file bundle

“A mini-sand box for High-Space! Set on a space station above The Remnant, this game-in-can introduces your heroes into the dog-eat-alien world of prospecting for artefacts in The Lantern Nebula."


Euphoria is a Game-in-a-Can scenario presented by Storyweaver Productions, and is an excellent way to start gaming in the setting of The Lantern, using the High-Space rules. 

This adventure is centered around the notorious Altitude Bar on Euphoria, the space-station which orbits above The Remnant - the unstable, broken planet once home to ancient civilizations and now the stalking ground of treasure seekers and artifact hunters alike! 

This module details the Altitude Bar and other sections of Euphoria, and provides NPC characters and starship descriptions to help kick-start your campaign.

The adventure is not linear in the way it progresses. Rather, it is a ‘sandbox’ in which your heroes will adventure. But there is a time constraint... inevitably, the Remnant will undergo a ‘shift’ that unearths a sizeable portion of new land, drawing scavengers and relic hunters like bees to honey!

PDF and printable player resources

“Looking for funky figures for your Savage Worlds (or other rule systems) sci-fi games? Check out the High-Space figure starter kit: it’s packed with variety and colourful human figures. No aliens at this point, but for the price and quality, it can’t be beat. “

Figure Set 1: Starter Kit

The High-Space paper figure Starter Kit give you 36 human sci-fi minis for use with your High-Space games.  The figures include a mix of general public, security, military, technical folks, androids and even a couple of cyber-ninjas!

All figures are available in both a ‘tri-fold’ and ‘A-frame’ folds, giving you the opportunity to mix and match the set with other vendors' paper figures: choose the style of figure that best fits your gaming table setup.

“Want more sci-fi action figures for your Savage Worlds games? Check out the High-Space Alpha Mercs kit: it’s packed 60 colourful human and alien figures. It comes in two packs: the first 36 are the Alpha Mercs, and the second is a bonus mixed set of 24, including a few aliens!“

Figure Set 2: Alpha Mercs

The High-Space Alpha Mercs set gives you 36 sci-fi minis for use with your High-Space games.  

The figures are mostly military and combat specialists - namely the "Alpha Mercs" -  but we've thrown in a few extras as well.  

In addition, this pack also includes a bonus set of 24 mixed figures, including a jump-pack squad, and some aliens. 

That's a total of 60 minis!

All figures are available in both a ‘tri-fold’ and ‘A-frame’ folds, giving you the opportunity to mix and match the set with other vendors' paper figures: choose the style of figure that best fits your gaming table setup.

“Politics. Money. Religion. Always an explosive mix. Throw in a floating palace in the clouds, robots and Templars, and you've got the perfect adventure for intrigue and outright conflict!"


Having successfully delved ‘Into The Remnant’ and uncovered what is only the second Nazmec Tablet in existence, the intrepid heroes now want their payoff!

Their best option is to reach the Tor system and negotiate the labyrinthine and deadly practices of the trade in Nazmec artefacts, under the sanctuary of the Council of Churches.

If the heroes thought that millennia-old amphibious monsters were bad, they will be in for a shock when they face off against the galaxy’s most ruthless wheelers and dealers!

Anyone bidding for a second Nazmec Tablet will want to win, and agents who negotiate can utilise ‘unusual’ methods and tactics. Yes, the bidding will be steep... and it’ll not always involve money.

Shady deals will be done...

Ancient secrets will be revealed...

Friends will be betrayed...

Fortunes and lives will be put on the line...

Welcome to the Aeternaeánimam.

  • PDF with printable player resources

Control Deck
“A great little sci-fi dungeon crawl. A water-logged thriller in an ancient alien research station, where potential riches are outweighed only by an eons-old terror! Lot’s of fun"

Into the Remnant

Those who stayed behind in the Altitude bar turn towards Remnant-0C7 when the FTL core of the Daliance ruptures as begins landing on the surface... just after an unexplained EMP blast scrambled the sensors of every starship in orbit. 

The core rupture bathes Euphoria in an intense white light... and then the Remnant begins to move... a new shift in the Remnant’s already unstable Verdan plate. 

The planetoid’s tectonic slices, interlocked like the pieces of an intricate spherical puzzle, tilt and slide past each other in new, unexpected directions, some receding into the Remnant’s soil, others breaking through the regolith towards the surface. 

This could be precisely the event that the scavenger crews, artifact hunters, jump-miners, scientists and U.R.C. officers have been waiting for.

There is a rush towards the hangars as soon as the alarm sounds. Any ships not already en-route to the Remnant are on their way now! The station intercom announces the biggest tectonic shift on record, pushing what appears to be a large, long-buried land mass to the surface.

The announcement indicates a likely exposure of between four to six hours; enough for a skilled crew to make a quick sweep for artifacts and a safe getaway.

  • PDF with printable player resource
"Entering the Typhon-1 now captain. Scans complete. The Sturm consortium facility in orbit of Gronda is hailing... they are warning us off. Scans also detect St. Cloud frigates moving in from the third moon Typon. Your instructions Sir? "

Core System Maps

Get ready to explore The Lantern Nebula in glorious style. The official High-Space Core System Map bundle gives you 12 stunning full color maps  for your games, including:

Core System map of Lantern
System Maps for all eight core systems: from Tor, Dupheris Sturm, to the mysterious Occasus system.

Satellite survey maps for the core populated worlds of Parity,  Alecto and Yostra.

All maps are presented in stunning color and the unique style of master cartographer and contributor to the Cartographers Annual, Joe Sweeney.

In addition to a ready-to-print, hi-res PDF, this pack also contains high-re JPGs for all maps, allowing you to use them with online gaming environments.

Plus, Joe has included several new, as yet unexplored systems!  Will your heroes be the first to discover these new worlds… and new adventures?

The PDF bundle that rocked the Savage Worlds word.