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Welcome to the Master Mapping Class, where we'll be exploring LOTS of cool map making techniques. 

I love maps. They are the embodiment of civilisation: imagination, artistry, science, technology and politics. So they are a perfect starting place for world-building.

My goal with this series of tutorials is to enable every single Game Master on the planet with the skill to not only place a beautiful map on the gaming table to impress their friends... but to super-charge their world-building!  The more worlds of imagination, the better!

Thank you so much for joining me and all the rest of the Mapping Masters.  Do not be a stranger! If you've got questions, please reach out and ask questions.

Best regards,

Doc' Joe

In this lesson

This video talks you through the latest version of ProFantasy's mapping software - the awesome Campaign Cartographer 3+.

After watching this video, you can move on to the other classes - which grow in complexity.  

Many of the existing videos in this master class feature CC3 (as opposed to CC3+.)  That's perfectly ok. 

The features and interface of these two programs is almost functionally identical... BUT the graphics and speed of the application has been much improved.

This video will help get you familiar with CC3+, but most also applies to CC3.

Next Steps

  • After you have watched this video, please fire up ProFantasy CC3+ and try clicking on things!  
  • Take some time to think about how the various controls are grouped together, and why they located where they are.  
  • Afterwards, move on the next training program: How to Make a Map for Your Fantasy Games. 


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