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Your First Map


Lesson 11: Working with Text

Text in mapping. Sounds easy, right? 

And it can be. 

In this extended tutorial, we delve into the basic and advanced features of adding text to your maps, including how to draw text along curves, so you can label mountain ranges and coastlines, etc. 

There is a LOT in this tutorial, so grab a nice cup of tea or coffee... and get ready for a lengthy session.

Next Steps

  • Choose the style and text properties that will work for your map by using the text tool. What font will look best?  Consider readability and the 'aesthetics' of the world you are drawing. 
  • Label your map, starting with the major cities and working through to the towns.
  • Use text along a curve to label mountain ranges, coasts and oceans.

And you are now DONE!

Congratulations, you have now created a stunning overland fantasy map of your own. 

You can export your map using the FILE - SAVE AS function, and select the JPG option. 

Please share your creation on the page so we can all enjoy your work and provide feedback.

There are some more advanced tutorials pending in this series. These include creating creating your very own custom tools for political borders, printing tips and tricks and more, and postworking your map using tools such as PhotoDonut and Photoshop... but more on that journey later!