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Advanced: Sheets & Effects


Adding Depth to your Maps with Sheets and Effects

In This Lesson:
In this tutorial series, we delve into sheets and effects and learn how to take a single map to create three very different looks: a rich, deep 3D map, a flat black and white printable map, and a blueprint map. 

While doing this, you will learn everything you need to know about building reusable collections of style sheets for all your mapping projects.

After watching this video, try this on your own map:

  • Create a 3D Map
  • Create a Black and White Map
  • Create a Blueprint Map


Adding an Electric Glow and Highlighting Texts

In This Lesson:
In this tutorial, we continue to modify a set of style sheets to give a map depth and character. 

You will also learn how to put an electric glow around the the hull of a starship, and how to create entirely new sheets for special objects to highlight text.

Try these on your own maps:

  • Create a glow around your ship
  • Add special objects to highlight your texts.


Formatting your Map

In This Lesson:
After watching this video, you will learn how to output the results of our plan to a high-resolution image file, complete with all the stunning effects and rich graphical enhancement we developed previously.


Creating High Contrast Black and White Maps

In This Lesson:
In part of this series we get really funky and turn our colour map into a high-contrast, black and white map, suitable for games like traveller... all without changing the map itself. We do this by creating a new set of style sheets, which can also be used with other maps!


Creating a Blueprint from an Existing Map

In This Lesson:
This video shows you how to create another style sheet collection based on our black and white collection, with a very small tweak to create a blueprint of our deck plan. 

This technique is also perfect for creating those wonderful 'old school' dungeon prints we all miss from the early days of D&D.


Creating Different Styles and Versions

In This Lesson:
Let's review how to select the different style sheet collections we created to switch how our maps will be rendered. 

Playing around with the different styles gives you beautifully Coloured maps, or B&W Maps, or even Blueprint style Maps.

After watching this video, create your own map versions:

  • Create a colour deck map
  • Create a B&W map
  • Create a blueprint
  • Tip: you can re-use your unique style sheets on any of your other maps.