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Answers to Your Questions (NEW CONTENT - JAN 2017)


Trimming and Zooming in Map Output

In this quick video, I answer a fan's questions about how best to output a map to an image file in such a way as to 'trim' the output. In addition, I use the same method to create a 'zoomed in map' from the larger map image.

Note 1: During this video I reset some settings for JPG output, but then - as Zethnar points out - use a PNG setting that completely ignores them.  It's a good idea to set your JPG settings high when you are in the Options window as CC3 remembers them and, if you are like me, you often forget to check them once set.  When I saw those settings, I went into autopilot mode and just began adjusting them without really thinking how that would sound. My apologies for any confusion!  :-O

Some tips for the selecting the right output:

  • JPG - good for sending samples of your work to friends as you progress through a project, and perhaps for social media.  Adjust the quality settings as you see fit. (see the maps below for examples)
  • PNG - Great all-rounder. Great for posting. Set to fast compression if just getting a quick view of the output. Good for posting on social media or personal print-ready work.
  • BMP - For high-res, uncompressed output. Generally I only use this for preparing maps for use with Photoshop or similar apps.

Note 2:  If you are creating commercial print-ready art, you will want to become familiar with converting your maps to CYMK colour. But that's a whole other discussion!

Download CC+ Source File  Download Maps
Island Map.FCWIsland Map - South Section - PNG
Island Map JPG at 75% (235k)
Island Map JPG at 100% (1.1MB)