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Deniable is a deeply personal, funny, at times darkly satirical "story game" designed for small gaming groups.  

It tips it’s hat to those wonderfully wicked British TV espionage series such as Spy, The Wrong Mans, and Spooks. 

Each game of Deniable involves everyone collaborating to create episodes of satirical, darkly humorous  British-style TV shows.   

The game works best with three to four players, plus a Game Master (who we refer to as The Director). 

It is about decidedly average English people coerced into participating in ‘operations of national importance’ by a shadowy espionage Organisation . 

The object of the game is to tell interesting stories about people put in a situation for which they are not at all prepared. 

And then watch them descend in chaos, often with hilarious results. 

Of prime importance in Deniable is the concept of playing to find out what happens.  The Director does not plan ahead: each story unfolds in the moment.  

 If you are looking for a game that revels in the lives of little people caught up in big events, of small drama made into epics, then this is the game for you. 

We guarantee you'll be laughing until you cry in no time at all.

Don't believe us? (We wouldn't!)

So check out what Let's Level Up says about Deniable.


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