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High Space Battle Maps


Creating a "Master Plan" for your Battlemaps

In This Lesson:
This video shows you how to create a guide map for a trader's starship. 

This guide will help us produce a set of fantastic looking printable "battle maps" for use at the gaming table with your minis. You can use them for creating sci-fi battlemaps and even use them for creating dungeons!

These battlemaps can be mixed and matched between starship designs, to give you total flexibility. 


Mapping the Command Deck

In This Lesson:
In this video, we use the previously created sci-fi battlemap template to quickly create a battlemap floorplan of the Command section of our starship. 

This show you all the basic information you need to start creating awesome maps of your own, and explores the 100+ new textures we created for sci-fi gaming. 

After watching this video, try customising your Command Deck


Mapping the Bridge

In This Lesson:
This video shows you some of the additional features of the sci-fi templates and get creative with the new textures and sheet properties.


Printing and Outputting Maps for Play

In This Lesson:
This video shows you how to export your maps for print-ready publishing, or for online games and, of course, for use at a regular gaming table.