The follow up to the HUGELY POPULAR High-Space first edition! In this thrilling new RPG, YOU play the renegade and reluctant hero fighting unimaginable threats to an ultra-high tech utopian world...just for kicks.

Imagine living in a super-advanced, ultra high-tech civilization...a utopia of boundless harmony, abundance, and encompassing hundreds of species and worlds. 

Sounds like a perfect life. 

But why are you so bored?

Because you’re not like everyone else. 

You crave visceral, dangerous, and exciting new adventures. You’re one of the few outcasts...misfits known as the Wildcards. 

Welcome to High-Space... the highly anticipated sequel of the popular High-Space sci-fi setting for Savage World. Get ready to... 
  •  Go on ultra secretive missions that technically don’t exist 
  • Explore strange new worlds...and bring them to compliance 
  • Go on heart-stopping adventures at the edge of the galaxy 
  • Fight bizarre alien threats in never before discovered corners of the galaxy 
  • Play any alien species you choose, even as a starship 
  • Play with psionic and cybernetic-enhanced characters 
  • Engage in all-new cinematic starships battles like you’ve never done before 
  • Immerse yourself in an epic story arc that will seal the fate of trillions 

What do you get? 

 What you get in this newly expanded High-Space: Wildcards Protecting the Future RPG game… 
  • Breathtaking and expanded setting from the Lantern Nebula to three arms of the galaxy 
  • Over a dozen exciting new playable alien species - and the ability to create thousands more! 
  • Newly updated core rulebook 
  • All-new cinematic starship battles 
  • Over 240 pages of heart-stopping sci fi action  
  • Detailed starship design - including all-new alien tech and combat systems 
  • New range of exotic characters 
  • Super high-tech new gears and gadgets 
  • Newly overhauled popular starship design rules 
  • Plenty of new source materials to help you create exciting adventures 
  • All the information and tools you need to run a galaxy-spanning campaign 
  • Detailed rules on character creation based on Savage World but unique to High-Space 
  • Templates to easily create any unique characters 
  • Visceral, dangerous and exciting new adventures 
Get all these exciting new features and more for just $49.90. PLUS order now and get the PDF file for FREE.

But this offer is for a limited time only! 

What is High-Space?

High-Space is a galaxy-spanning, high-tech space opera involving playable alien races and revolutionary spaceship design and combat. 

This new High-Space game revolves around a handful of genetic wildcards...the castaways that are tasked with doing the dirty jobs in a gene-engineered, Utopian future surrounded on all sides by alien threats. 

 As the Wildcard, you are the main actor in this cinematic galactic battle. 

You can be a reluctant super-tech hero. Or even a villain. 

 You want to explore. You want to fight. You crave adventure. 
 You and your fellow Wildcards will seek out dangerous battles and be the masters of your own fate...and the fate of trillions. 

 In this 245 page of core rules book, you will discover the major threats to PanDominion- the future Utopia - both internal and alien. 

You will find new specific skills, edges and hindrances, high tech gear and full starship design and combat systems. 

The best part? It meshes seamlessly with the Savage World core rules. 

 So what are you waiting for? Strap on your jet boots, grab your favourite las-gun and take on the dirtiest jobs in the galaxy - just for kicks. Who knows, you may even save the PanDominion while you’re at it!

  • NEW!
  • PDF
  • Hardcover Edition
  • with all the extras!



Far-future Black Ops
with killer-tech...

You’re the PanDominion’s greatest weapon.
But you don’t officially exist..
Join the ranks of Intervention... and be a saboteur, a
protector, a spy or assassin, tasked with protecting
the trillions of citizens of the PanDominion.
The Intervention Agency Handbook delves into the
top-secret universe of High-Space, revealing the
inner workings of an Agency where anything goes.

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56 pages of top secret info!


  • The inner-workings of the Galaxy’s most secretive organization
  • Who really runs the PanDo from the shadows
  • New archetypes that will melt your brain
  • New character & starship edges
  • Special ops starships (with deckplans!)
  • A ready-to-go mini-mission to test
  • your agents’ mettle

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BONUS! 148 Pages of Battlemap Tiles for you games!
Hardcover Edition
with all the extras!

High-Space Expansions & Adventures


Control Deck


Keep your games running at light-speed with the High-Space Control Deck. All the essential rules for starships, space combat and essential setting rules on 45 quick-reference cards.

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Teraborg: Everything needed to play a Teraborg warrior, tech, or diplomat


The Book of Honor 


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Want to play a cybernetically-enhanced raptor from space? Delve into the culture of the Galaxy's ultimate hunter-techs and learn the secrets of the Imperial Nest.  

Everything you need to bring the Teraborg to life in your games.

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