Map an Entire Fantasy World using Fractal Terrains


Creating a Fantasy World using Fractal Terrains

In This Lesson:
This video shows you how to use Fractal Terrains to quickly create a sci-fi fantasy world complete with island land masses, rainfall and weather patterns, temperature zones... and then export a small island continent from this map to Campaign Cartographer for final details and artwork. 

This tutorial gives you the basic starting skills to quickly map an entire fantasy world setting that is both unique and scientifically realistic. 

After watching the video, try these on your own map:

  • Experiment with the "world settings" button - create your own customised map
  • Choose world maps - click on the "next world" button to choose interesting map styles 
  • Export to Campaign Cartographer 3 - to add details to your map.


Outputting Multiple Maps at Different Levels of Scale

In This Lesson:
This video shows you how to take a world created with Fractal Terrains and automatically create dozens of maps at different levels of scale to ensure that you have everything you need to create consistent maps that 'zoom' into different levels of detail.


How to Customise Exported Maps

In This Lesson:
This video shows you how to customise how your maps are exported from Fractal Terrains Pro.

You will also see how you can create you own colour schemes, set how much detail should be exported, what CC3 layers are used, and much, much more.