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Advance Lesson: Mapping Starship Tiles using Macros

In this lesson you will learn how to create starship maps that can be exported into reusable and interchangable 8" battlemap tiles.

During the lesson, you will discover:

  1. How to use a special 'guide' to layout starship (or other) maps in a way that makes them easy to split up into 8" tiles.
  2. How to use a custom symbol set to speed up the planning and layout of starships
  3. How to create a '5f Grid Overlay for your starship decks.
  4. How to load a custom macro and automatically export your map into tiles. 
This is an advanced lesson, running about 34min. 
While not essential, it is probably best that you have Cosmographer installed. However, all of the techniques and files used in this tutorial can be applied just as well to Dungeon Designer.
Please be sure to download the additional files before you start this tutorial.


Software Used

Additional Files

This is a bonus video, outlining the macro using in this tutorial.