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Output 8x8 inch Battlemap Tiles for Your Tabletop Games


Creating a "Master Plan" for your Battlemaps

In This Lesson:
In this advanced tutorial, you will learn how to use a macro to break your dungeons or floorplan maps into 8x8" tiles (or even 11x8in tiles for full printed page output).  You can output tiles for your printing or for use with virtual tabletops.


Download and install the Macro

Step 1. Create a folder to hold the tiles

First, add a folder to your computer:


The macro uses a hard-coded folder location when outputting the tiles.  If this folder location is suitable, you can always modify the macro file (which you will download shortly).

Step 2. Download the Macro file

Click on the button "Download Tile Macro" and get the download JS2.mac file to your computer.

Step 3. Move the Macro File to CC3 program folder

Move this file to your CC3 or CC3+ program files folder.

For example:  C:\Program Files (x86)\ProFantasy\CC3Plus

Step 4.  Load up your map and the macro file

Start CC3 or CC3+ and Load up the battlemap you wish to break into 8" tiles.  Then type 


into the command line of CC3 .  Select the new macro file JS2.mac

Step 5. Set the Output Resolution

Click on File - Save As  and select Rectangular PNG.  

The press the Options button and set the resolution for the output.  400x400 for virtual tabletop files or 2400x2400 for high-quality, printable files.

Continue to output a section of your map.

Do this ensures that you have exactly the right resolution for the following tile output.

Step 6. Output the Tiles!

Next, type 


into the command line. This will start the macro to output the battlemap tiles.

Type in the name of the tiles.

Select the top left corner to of the map where you want to start outputting your tiles.

Type in how many columns and rows.

Step 7. Be Amazed!

CC3 / cc3+ will split your map into 8in tiles and output them into the folder you setup in step 1.


Note on Metric vs Imperial  Maps

The Macro used here provides for maps to set meters - that is, metric maps.

You can quickly convert it for use with for use with maps set to feet by changing the scale settings in the macra.

Open up the JS2.mac file using notepad

Locate the second and third line of the macro

GN nColScale 12
GN nRowScale -12

and change them to 

GN nColScale 40
GN nRowScale -40

Why?  Well in the first instance, this is set to 12 meters... which is equivalent to 8 x 1.5m squares.  
When you change to feet, you get 8x5f squares, or 40 

You can also change the scale for the LetterTiles macro the same way... or select any sizing you wish.