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Starship Design for Beginners


This class shows you how to start designing your own starships.

You will need the "Cosmographer" add-in product. This will give you cool new symbols for your starship plan.

Lesson 1: Starting Your Starship

In this lesson, we begin building our starship using a standard Cosmographer template. 

You'll learn the basics of creating a colour deck plan, including how to use the new symmetrical hull and deck tools!  

The ship created is perfect for your Traveller or High-Space games.

Next Steps

  • Start a new starship design.
  • Be sure to set your work space to Cosmographer.
  • Create symmetrical designs for a cleaner starship floor plan.
  • Experiment with ship interiors using the preset drawing tools.
  • Cosmographer has very interesting symbols, add a few to your starship plan.
  • Remember to save your file!


Lesson 2:  Importing Tiles into CC3+

In this lesson, you add details to your starship, like room furniture, weapon systems, thrusters, and other strange contraptions.

The symbols are available from the extensive Cosmographer symbols library and even has options to let you change the colour variances of the symbols to add variety to your designs.

Next Steps

  • Decorate the plain looking areas of your Starship using the "weapons" button - You can add beautiful weapon systems to your Starships to make the designs more functional.
  • Adjust the sizes of your symbols to fit your design.
  • Add grids to make them more battlemap compatible.
  • Create a multideck Starship to test your skills.