Top-Secret Strozi  Dossier

Biometric Authentication - Confirmed. Hardkey access - Authorized. Mematic Decryption - Complete. Proceed....

Intervention Agent Briefing... Beginning...

While little is known about the Strozi culture, the size of its Empire, or military capabilities, we do know that they have proven to be highly resistant to all diplomatic and trade efforts. They are known to react in highly aggressive, often unpredictable ways to perceived threats or incursions by the PanDominion into their space. The U.G.P. has issued legally binding edicts to ban all non-official contact with the Strozi, both civil and military.

Intervention Agents inside the Imperial Nest have recently provided new intelligence on the threat posed by the Strozi Empire.

Strozi military - and possibly social - hierarchy appears to be based on a neural enslavement technology. In short, the Strozi utilize mind-control with their own citizens. The exact technology used for this remains unknown, but Salamat Project scholars theorize it is some form of nanetics.

At this time, we know that there is at least one class within the Strozi military - we are calling them FreeMinds - that can impress their will upon a large number of Strozi personnel. It appears that the controlled personnel can act autonomously to meet the FreeMind’s commands, or be operated directly as a ‘meat puppet,’ in much the same way as an AI’s drone.

Our scholars believe this accounts for the Strozi’s apparent disregard for the lives of their personnel during their sporadic encounters with the PanDo.

Our psions also report that reading a controlled Strozi mind is… not pleasant. During therapy, one of our Psi agents stated that Strozi minds are a “compelling spiral of death-wishes and fear and pain and… the horror… the PYRE! THE PYRE!”

A neurographic reconstruction of the term “Pyre” suggests the Strozi view this as an intersection of a quasi-religious figure, a physical entity, a governing force, the concept of greed, and a telos of universal heat-death. This hints at some form of jihadism but the reconstruction should be considered tenuous at best.

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