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Traders’ Peace started out as a pirate camp called Rehberg. Here, pirate groups from all over the known world would gather, barter and parley under the watchful eye of Brice Cetta, the “Mother of Pirates.”

The rise of The Empire saw the prompt fall of Rehberg at the hands of Imperial forces, after which a penal colony called The Barrens was established on the land. During the Great War from 1025 to 1035, criminals and political enemies of The Empire were sent to The Barrens to endure hard labor in a ten-year period known as the “Decade of Persecution.”

The city as it is known today was established after a coalition of independent traders took control of the colony, during a siege known as the “Night of Bloody Liberation.” This siege was conducted by the traders of the Rorendaal family, with the financial backing of powerful Guilds from the Empire. The siege was finally broken, not through military means, but by the Rorendaals offering every Empire mercenary in the city enough money to switch sides. Since that night, money has been the real source of power in Traders’ Peace.