• High-Space Core Rule Books

    The best-selling sci-fi rules for Savage Worlds. Includes three books:

    • Character Anelect: Covering all manner of human, transhuman and aliens.
    • Fleet Manual: Starship Design
    • The Lantern: An epic space opera setting

  • Blind Threat

    A great introductory adventure for High-Space. Intrigue. Betrayal. Space and face-to-face battles... you'll make enemies and new friends you wish you hadn't.

  • Blood of the Innocent

    A super-deadly horror adventure set in Vietnam. Not for the faint of heart. Savage Words rules and compatible with Tour of Darkness.

  • Hael

    In a land where the orcs won the war against the humans... trouble is brewing!

What's New

Nothing beats books!

While we all have PDF readers and other gadgets we can read our PDFs off of, nothing beats having a physical copy of a book.

We love feeling the pages between our fingers, we love the smell, we love seeing the spines lined up perfectly against the book ends.

That is why we are so excited to share the news about what we are cooking up at StoryWeaver HQ.

Remember our pet project last year? Yes, that! We were cooking up a new fun game that captured the feel of British satires and spy shows. 

Well actually, it's on it's way back from the printers...

Check out our newest storygame, DENIABLE!


Hael Core Rules Trailer  (Video)

Hael Core Rules Trailer (Video)

Get a quick feel for the quirky fantasy fun of HAEL... the world where the Orcs won the wars against humanity and where aliens have arrives to stir up trouble. Fantasy turned on its head.

July 17, 2013 Comments