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Love role-playing games, but looking for something… different?

So do we!  StoryWeaver Games is a collective of like-minded, quirky game designers who love weaving stories as much as you!

Every one of our games is aimed at making your gaming table a little stranger, a little more dangerous, a lttle more fun, a little more… well… MORE.

Like Horror?  Then check out Rapture for smart, dark sci-fi terror.

How about a little British satire with spies? Give the hilarious and often poignant Deniable a go.

Looking for fantasy with a twist?  Then you just have check out Hael, a fantasy world that turns all the tropes on their head!

Want some epic sci-fi?  The have a look at the hugely popular High-Space setting, where you play genetic wildcards, operating outside of the law to protect a far future, super-tech utopia.

From Savage Worlds bestsellers to indie narrative-focused storytelling games... whatever sort of gaming you want for your next fun night at the table (or on virtual tabletop), we’ve got you covered!

Check out all our amazing worlds... 

High-Space Uplifted Arrives - And it's a galaxy-spanning, brain-warping epic!
  • Pre-Order Hardcover Edition
  • with all the extras!
Pre-Order Hardcover Edition

Pre-order High-Space 2.0 Hardcover book now (ships late September 2017). Over 240 pages of rich setting, edges, powers, starships, gear and fast, furious fun... in the far future!

BONUS: Get the tablet-ready PDF of the core setting for free!

High-Space Core Setting Book
with all the extras!


Wildcards Protecting the Future: Secret missions and black ops in the ultra-tech future.

The follow up to the HUGELY POPULAR High-Space first edition!

In this thrilling new RPG, YOU play the renegade and reluctant hero fighting unimaginable threats to an ultra-high tech utopian world...just for kicks.

Imagine living in a super-advanced, ultra high-tech civilization...a utopia of boundless harmony, abundance, and encompassing hundreds of species and worlds.

Sounds like a perfect life. But why are you so bored?

Because you’re not like everyone else. You crave visceral, dangerous, and exciting new adventures. You’re one of the few outcasts...misfits known as the Wildcards.

Welcome to High-Space: Wildcards Protecting the Future, the highly anticipated sequel of the popular High-Space sci-fi setting for Savage World.
Get ready to...

  • Go on ultra secretive missions that technically don’t exist
  • Explore strange new worlds...and bring them to compliance
  • Go on heart-stopping adventures at the edge of the galaxy
  • Fight bizarre alien threats in never before discovered corners of the galaxy
  • Play any alien species you choose, even as a starship
  • Play with psionic and cybernetic-enhanced characters
  • Engage in all-new cinematic starships battles like you’ve never done before
  • Immerse yourself in an epic story arc that will seal the fate of trillions