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The Master Mapping Tile Library

This page has been set up to share mapping resources with the CC3+ community and for map-makers in general.

You can explore the entire library with this link, or click on the images to the right for highlighted and new tile collections.

Share Your Tiles

Feeling generous?  You can share your tiles on this site with this secure cloud folder.   (Or click the button, below.)

Copyright: Please only share files you have created and be aware that by uploading them there, they will be covered by Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International Public License.  In short, it means that people can freely use any tiles uploaded here as part of their personal or commercial maps, may tweak your tiles, but they may not resell them individual tiles individually or as part of a clip-art collection.

Best Image Format: Please try to standardize on tiles that are 1200x1200 pixles, PNG format.

What Happens After You Upload?  When you upload your files, I will give them a quick review to make sure there is not objectionable material (yeah, it happens) and if all is good, will move the to the publicly accessible library into a folder that includes your name and the date the files were uploaded. 

Showcased Tile Collections

Sandmarked A by Joe Sweeney
High-Space Agency Walls
Checkers C, Joe Sweeney
Space 1899
Checkers Set B, Joe Sweeney
Wood Panels A, Joe Sweeney
Cliff Face, Joe Sweeney
Volcanic, Sue Daniels
Grim Dark 40K, Joe Sweeney
Cobblestones, Joe Sweeney