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Going Retail

06.11.17 08:07 PM By Joe Sweeney

High-Space Books Launch StoryWeaver into Retail    

Over a decade, StoryWeaver has been a tiny outfit of misfits,  dedicated to producing games that rival to big brands in terms of quality and scope. 

We love making games.  But going full-time with game making is tough  commitment.  So, we've always held back from the huge investments needed to go into retail.

With High-Space 2nd Edition, we decided to make the leap into mainstream retail.

The journey started with Kickstarter.  With the support of our many fans and backers, we began the task of delivering something special. Not only is High-Space a rich, expansive setting... it's a beautiful product.

Along the way, we've made mistakes, learned a lot of lessons, been skewed over by dodgy suppliers, and unconditionally supported by heroes of the gaming industry.   

But we got there. 

Savage Worlds is the perfect platform for games developers like us!  The Savage Worlds Deluxe PDF core rulebook and the retail books  set the standard for low-cost, high-value gaming. And with everything from Super Powers to Steam Punk, it's a sublimely  flexible set of rules.  It lets us focus on creating the world, and extending the action! 

I'd want to call out all the heroes that gave us great advice and moral support. 

Gonzalo DurĂ¡n, who has stood by us non-stop and championed High-Space

Jodi Black, Pinnacle Entertainment Group, who has always backed our crazy ideas... and built developer community for us all! 

Jim Searcy, Studio 2 Publishing, who provided us invaluable advice on so many fronts.

Sean Patrick Fannon, for advice, moral support and pointing us towards Studio 2.