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We care about privacy... here's how!



StoryWeaver Games is an indie games company run by a collection of gamers just like you! We don’t like spam. We don’t want to be digitally stalked. We value our freedom. We value our right to choose who we share information with and the right to withdraw that permission.
For this reason, we take privacy and the protection of your data seriously.

The good news is GDPR has given the world a wake-up call on privacy and we’ve always gone out of our way to adhere to the principles it now legislates.



The information contained within this privacy notice covers all the ways we collect and use customer information. Yes, it’s a long document. Sorry… but there is a lot to cover. 

Here's the short version:

  • We use cookies and tracking codes on our website so we can tailor our pages give you a good user experience, to tailor advertisements and content.
  • We capture information on your name, email and what you purchase, both directly on our website and through partners.  This information resides in Zoho One which is GDPR compliance and highly secure.  You ever want your records expunged from our CRM just email privacy@storyweaver.com with the subject line “Remove Me.”
  • We maintain email lists in several services:
    • Mailchimp
    • Zoho One
    • Viral Loops
    • e-junkie
    • OneBookshelf

All vendors maintain VERY strict no-spam policies and adhere to GDRP principles. You can read their privacy statements on their websites. If you want to be removed from these lists, email privacy@storyweaver.com with the subject line “Remove Me.”

If we ever discover we are breached, or that one of our information services is breached, we will alert you by email as to the scope of impact of the breach with 48 hours of our being notified. 

StoryWeaver Games full Privacy Statement

Who we are?

StoryWeaver games is a small, independent tabletop games publisher.  In reality, we are a few dedicated fans of gaming.  Dr. Joseph Sweeney (Doc’ Joe) (jsweeney@storyweaver.com) is the founder and owner.  He is the representative for all data issues and has been tasked as the privacy officer (privacy@storyweaver.com) 

What information do we collect?

We collect information based on an ‘as needed’ basis:

  • First and Last name
  • Email address
  • What you purchased
  • Date of purchase
  • Shipping address (if needed)

Credit Card Data:
  • StoryWeaver does NOT collect credit card information – all payments are handled through payment gateways, namely PayPal.

Mailing Lists and Competitions
  • First and Last name
  • Email address
  • Details pertinent to the competition

Social Media:
  • StoryWeaver maintains social media pages and groups on FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram for the purpose of communicating with subscribers to those specific pages and services. 
  • StoryWeaver does not extract information about user details from these social media platforms.
  • StoryWeaver uses the above social media advertising services for promotion, adhering to each vendor’s relevant advertising data protection policies. 

How do we use personal information?

We use data collected on our website for:
  • personalisation of website content and to improve user experiences
  • deliver marketing and events communication
  • carrying out polls and surveys
  • conducting competitions and give-aways
  • providing goods and services
  • legal obligations (as demanded by legislation)
  • meeting internal data privacy audit requirements

What legal basis do we have for processing your personal data?

  • consent: email lists and competitions are opt-in with consent confirmation
  • contract: sales fulfilment, both digital and physical are considered contractual arrangements
  • legitimate interests: promotion of products to those that have purchased similar
  • vital interests: data breach notifications
  • legal obligation: on legally enforceable requests

Individuals may withdraw consent at any time by emailing privacy@storyweaver.com. 

When do we share personal data?

StoryWeaver will treat personal data confidentially. 

Legal Requests
  • StoryWeaver Games may disclose or share it information based on a legitimate legal request. In these cases, where legally permissible, StoryWeaver will inform parties affected by such requests.

Third Party Information Services
  • StoryWeaver does not rent, sell and give away personal data.

Where do we store and process personal data?

StoryWeavers customer data is stored in a variety of secure information services:

  • Zoho One:  Is the primacy repository of customer data, including name, email, products purchased, correspondence, competition entries and website chat.
  • MailChimp:  Mailing list service. Stores names, email addressed.
  • Viral Loops: Used to run online competitions. Stores names, email addresses, and rewards.
  • E-Junky: Online Store . Stores name, email, mailing address, purchase information
  • OneBookShelf: Online Store. Stores name, email, mailing address, purchase information

All of these services operate outside of the European Union. All have GDRP compliant privacy and data protection policies that may be viewed on their respective websites. 

How do we secure personal data?

  • StoryWeaver stores no information directly, but relies upon the high-standards of security of it’s information service providers.   Details of each provider’s security measures can be found on their respective websites.

  • StoryWeaver uses the strongest security measures for access to its information services, including but not limited to two-factor authentication (where available).

  • Storyweaver also monitors the security alerts from its information services providers. 

How long do we keep your personal data for?

  • Credit card data is not held by StoryWeaver Games
  • Sales transaction: name, email, product, stored indefinitely so customers may request replacements, communicating product updates, and related products.

Mailing lists:
  • Subscriptions: name, email address, continues indefinitely, or until member unsubscribes.

  • Entries: name, email address, entry, stored for 6 months after the competition of the competition.

Once data has expired past the above, or upon request (privacy@storyweaver.com), it will be deleted in all information systems managed by StoryWeaver.

Your rights in relation to personal data

  • Access to personal information.  To know what data we have stored on you, please email privacy@storyweaver.com. We will (a) validate you are who you say you are, (b) review your request and collect information, (c) report back to you what information we have and on what information system it is stored, within 5 working days.
  • To correct or request deletion of your personal information held by StoryWeaver, please email privacy@storyweaver.com. We will (a) validate you are who you say you are, (b) review your request and process the information change, (c) confirm the changes within 5 working days.
  • Withdrawal of consent.  You may unsubscribe from StoryWeaver email and competition alerts at any time by clicking on the unsubscribe button in emails. You may also email privacy@storyweaver.com with a request to be removed from our systems entirely.
  • Data portability. Since StoryWeaver does not directly hold personal information, we cannot guarantee easy portability of your information. However, we can provide your all information held in an open text format, as per ‘access to personal information,’ above.
  • Restriction of processing and objection:  If you do not wish to be included in StoryWeaver’s information process, please send a request to privacy@storyweaver.com and we will remove your personal data from all out systems. 
  • Lodging a complaint with the Information Commissioner’s Office. If we are not living up to your expectations with regards to information privacy, please reach out to us first. We take this seriously – not just from a legal perspective, but from an ethical stand.  We will work with you to sort out any concerns you may have. If we still can’t work with you, then we will remove your data from our systems. If that fails, then we do deserve to be reported to the Information Commissioner’s Office.

Use of automated decision-making and profiling

  • The StoryWeaver website(s) may use automatic personalisation of pages based on personal data based on referrals and online advertising. 

How to contact us?

If you wish to contact us with questions or complaints regarding the use of your personal data, please:

  • Email: privacy@storyweaver.com
  • Post: Dr Joseph Sweeney, StoryWeaver Games, PO Box 634, Hornsby NSW, 1630, Australia

Use of cookies and other technologies

StoryWeaver uses cookies and tracking codes store and manage user preferences and personalise the user experience on your website, to advertise analyse user and usage data.