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Originally recorded in Feb 2017, the recent April Tabletop RPG Maker thread reminded us to share this interview more broadly. Enjoy!

16.04.18 09:45 PM - Comment(s)

In today's update, our chief editor and ace author Ray Duell outlines two new High-Space archetypes for Intervention, the super-tech spy agency.

Over to you, Ray!

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It's a new year and a new dawn for StoryWeaver. We've spent the holiday's writing, writing, writing...
The Teraborg books get a bunch of new archetypes plus extra edges and gear!  We'll be updating your files in the next few weeks.
Check out the new GM screen for High-Space!
Jordan's new adventur...

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High-Space Books Launch StoryWeaver into Retail    

Over a decade, StoryWeaver has been a tiny outfit of misfits,  dedicated to producing games that rival to big brands in terms of quality and scope. 

We love making games.  But going full-time with game making is tough...
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